CE Marking

CE Marking

Are you planning a major change or relocation of a machine? Don’t you know if you will become the new manufacturer of the machine before the legislator? Does one of your machines have a CE marking that only declares conformity with the old Machinery Directive? Do you need help in preparing a risk assessment or a functional safety concept?

In what form do you need support?

We review your documents with regard to CE, carry out the interface analysis together with your experts and also manage the risk assessment as an external service provider. In addition, we prepare the necessary technical documentation, develop and check together with you the implementation of the measures so that the acceptance of the machine and its commissioning runs as smoothly as possible.

In the full-service package, we take over all activities of the conformity process in close coordination with you.

In the individual package, you choose the scope and type of support you need. We will also be happy to support you only in individual sub-steps, or work out certain steps together with your team under the aspect of further training.

Our Offer:

Full service package (assumption of all activities for the creation of CE conformity)

  • Legal compliance
  • Interface consideration
  • Risk assessment
  • Functional safety
  • Technical documentation
  • Support during acceptance and commissioning

Individual service package (support for sub-areas of CE conformity)

  • Assumption of an entire subarea (e.g. preparation of a risk assessment)
  • Development of a sub-area, together with employees from your team, in order to establish skills directly in your company

Our References

Support with

  • full CE marking for production machines in the steel and automotive industries
  • conformity with the relocation of machinery (various industries)
  • the conformity of a retro fit of machines
  • the development of new control systems
  • the SIL-compliant development of systems
  • the relocation of machines from other EU countries to Germany
  • the new development of a plant

The following methods are used by us in the CE marking:

  • Preparation of state-of-the-art hazard surveys in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12100:2011-03
  • Carrying out risk assessments in accordance with DIN EN 14121 and the applicable standards for protective devices, risk assessments and adequate risk reduction
  • Preparation of the concept for the safety-related part of a control system in accordance with the functional safety requirements of DIN EN ISO 13849:2016-06

OnePager machine safety

The way to the compliant design of machines and to their availability on the European market is legally clearly structured. Initially, the legislator in public law (German ProdSG, 9th Ordinance ProdSV, etc.) places equal demands on the development, the quality and the properties of the product itself, as well as on its creation process. These requirements are the foundation of the regulations, the objectives as well as a support for the implementation process.

Technical requirements are formulated on the basis of the regulations (Safety Requirements Management). In addition to the safety objectives to be achieved, the technical implementation is also concretized in this area. Together with the various specialist departments, a joint solution can now be found to achieve the safety objectives. After checking the implemented solutions, the conformity of the machine to the applicable national and EU law is issued.

Full Service Package

The idea behind this package is to cover the entire cost of a legally compliant CE declaration of conformity for a state-of-the-art machine. It does not matter whether it is a new development, a retrofit, a relocation or a conversion of a machine. In the case of an initial appointment, the required data on the machine is recorded at your site. It may not be necessary to affix a CE mark and only a change must be documented in a legally compliant manner or a declaration of incorporation drawn up. If a CE declaration of conformity or a declaration of incorporation is drawn up, the following areas are provided by IQZ and made available to you in prepared form. This means that all areas of your company involved can work directly with the results of the CE declaration of conformity.

  1. Legal compliance

In public law, the legislator formulates binding requirements, which every operator or manufacturer of machinery must fulfil demonstrably, in writing and, of course, in practice. All legally relevant requirements from public law in this regard are prepared and made available to you for the project in a targeted manner.

  • ProdSG, ProdHaftG, relevant BGH judgements, MRL2006/42/EC, relevant directives, Type C standards
  1. Interfaces

Where are the machine interfaces? Which requirements have to be met by the supplier of subsystems or hardware? What obligations does the legislator impose on the supplier? How does legally compliant system integration work? We provide answers, support you in communication and, if desired, also find solutions with third parties.

  • Contract law, product liability
  1. Risk assessment

The result of the risk assessment is the legal and technical proof that every hazard is sufficiently reduced at every hazard location and in every lifecycle phase. The protective measures taken to achieve sufficient reduction are drawn up in close consultation with your company.

  • DIN EN ISO 12100:2011-03
  1. Functional safety

Functions that directly contribute to the sufficient reduction of a risk must be protected against failures. We design a safety function network that supports your control and takes over key functions. Among other things, we support you in the selection of suitable hardware, system design, architecture, interface management and mathematical proof of the probability of failure.

  1. Technical documentation

The existing documentation is checked by us. We prepare a safety operating manual, which results from the risk assessment and the new safety functions. In addition, we support you in the preparation of complete technical documentation in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

  • MRL 2006/42/EG

Individual Service Package

It makes sense to have competence and know-how in your own company, but only lucrative in your core business. Having a team of experts in every discipline, on the other hand, is usually uneconomical. We place our know-how in the field of machine safety at your disposal. We also offer all the services listed in the “Full Service Package” individually, in combination with training courses and workshops or according to your individual needs. We give you the opportunity to develop appropriate solutions together with members of your team and our experts. The path is the goal. In the end, you will not only be provided with a legally compliant CE marking, but you will also directly consolidate new competence in your company.

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