Risk management

Risk managementAn integrated risk management system that systematically identifies, analyses, assesses and monitors corporate risks whilst continuously checking its own efficacy poses some big problems for a number of companies. IQZ supports its customers when it comes to considering technical risks and quantifying corporate risks, for example.


The field of risk simulation in particular – sometimes called risk aggregation too – is just one of the support services that IQZ offers its partners. Technical, contractual and economic risk factors are hereby brought together in a complex model to assess the risks of a full-service contract, for example.

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Thanks to its broad portfolio of methods, IQZ is also well prepared to identify and deal with (reduce, eliminate) technical risks. Our staff are here to help you overcome your difficulties – be this through risk prevention methods or analytical methods following undesired incidents (e.g. accidents or malfunctions). Technical risk management is often also dealt with under the name safety management.
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